5Day 4Night Chiangmai + Chiangrai

5天4晚 清迈 + 清莱


5Day 4Night Chiangmai + Chiangrai

5天4晚 清迈 + 清莱

Itinerary (旅游行程)    


Upon arrival at Chiangmai International Airport, you will be met by our local Tour Guides. Once all are assemble you will be transferred for check in at your respective hotels. In the evening you will be assemble to have Khantoke dinner. Sitting down to a well-presented meal of good and delicious food is something to enjoy with Thai Dancing shows. After dinner, you will be transferred back to your respective hotels.


The first stop to visit is the 3D Museum (Includes entrance fees). It is called “Art in Paradise and the first in Thailand’s North.The 3D Museum collects a variety of paintings featuring land of animals, underwater world, extinct animals, deserts, and the famous Pharaoh’s tomb. Thailand. Last journey will be the San Kham Pang Village (Home Industries) which another well-known place in Chiangmai Thailand. the major traditional handicraft centre in Northern of Thailand those you can see the real creating for Thai silk, Cotton Products, Jewellery, Painting works, Umbrella and Healthy Food Products as Royal Jelly Bee or Honey etc. The Hidden Village a 25 Rai Theme Park full of amazing creatures. Lizards,giant bugs and reptiles, beautiful butterflies, miniature statues of hill tribe long necked ladies, and don’t miss the Dinosaur Village with robotic life size animals from the Mesozoic Era.


Day Tour to Chiangrai on the way go to visit Mae Kajan Hot Spring and process to the exquisite White Temple (Rong Khun Temple),Golden Triangle at the intersection between the Mekong River and Kong River ,The gate of the borders in Thailand Burma and Laos (Guest can enjoy the boat ride on own account)

 After visit the Mae Sai the northernmost town in Thailand it’s separated from Burma only by a Bridge. There are many shops selling an assortment of Myanmese shores and souvenirs.

Stay 1 Night  at Hot Spring House (Subject to room available otherwise will stay at Chiangmai Hotel)


After breakfast go to visit Elephant Camp in a Natural Park which are both amazing and amusing performance from The Elephants. There are also get the Elephant for you to ride at own expense.

Wat Ban Den(Blue Temple - Chiangmai Mae Rim), located North of the city is one of Chiang Mai’s most remarkable temples. It is also one of the largest temple complexes in Chiang Mai province. The complex contains a large number of structures including an ordination hall, a viharn, a meditation hall, the kuti or monks living quarters, a drum hall and several other buildings.Then go to visit Human and snake fighting show. After enjoy the Monkey Show where the monkeys demonstrate and impressive range of talents. Next visit Orchid & Butterfly Farm on display are a profusion of blooms of all varieties, shapes, colours and prices from a few baht for the common strains to a few hundred thousand for the rare and exotic species. Next proceed to visit Long Neck Village to explore their tribes.


After breakfast, free and leisure then transfer to airport for departure flight and with a sweet memories.

01  清迈  (泰北文化晚餐Khantoke Dinner

抵达后接机然后送往酒店. 晚餐品尝泰北文化餐,您可以通过兰娜泰式了解到泰国北部美食和文化,这里都是泰北的特色菜,泰北香肠,泰北沙拉,红咖喱,炸猪皮,炸鸡,和炸香蕉,炸面条。这里座无虚席,台上鼓舞生平,演员不时穿梭于食客之中热烈的气氛使每位顾客都乐在其中,为您的晚餐时间带来愉快。

02天  清迈 (早//-STEAK                            

清迈第一座3D错觉艺术馆,这座超酷的博物馆汇集了许多3D图画作品。博物馆于2013年7月12日开馆,建馆者是韩国人Mr. Jang Kyu Suk,馆内的作品是由韩国国家前十的职业画家创作的,并一起建造了这座幻想中的博物馆。作品画在墙上,栩栩如生,错觉艺术能让参观者有机会接触并和图画融为一体(即“互动艺术”),让人信以为真,就如同人在画中一般现实艺术. 三甘烹村家庭工业是泰国清迈另一个著名的景点。主要是泰国北部制造传统手工艺中心,你可以欣赏泰国丝绸,棉产品,珠宝,绘画作品,雨伞和营养品,蜂蜜等。Hidden Village Chiang Mai成大片草坪做了好多隻巨型版昆蟲、鳥模型,蜥蝪、貓頭鷹、毛毛蟲。还有恐龍村如翼龍,刺龍,暴龍,速龍,甲龍,劍龍⋯⋯

03天  清迈-清莱 (/ /

前往清莱,途中经温泉地带,也可在此泡脚,后往参观世界唯一玻璃白庙。寺庙的设计者是泰国的视觉艺术家及画家Chalermchai Kosipipat。庙名因其独特的白色设计主题,白色玻璃材料,奇特的设计元素而闻名。白色意欲圣洁的菩萨,白色的玻璃是他的智慧照耀世上每一个人。之后,參观泰国北端湄公河和博河的交会点的金三角此乃泰、緬、寮三国交界的门户 (客人可自费乘船)前往美塞市泰国最北的泰緬甸交界小城市接近泰,還接近橋頭的大街兩旁擺滿各式各樣来自缅甸纪念品。住宿温泉度假屋or返回清迈。

04  清迈 (早//晚)                            
早餐后前往大象營,这里专门传授大象对森林的适应能力。游客可以亲眼目睹到年级稍大的象群表演雜技,那些可爱的大象表演都会令人惊异和逗笑。之后,您可自费骑大象赏景,享受骑象的新鲜感,显得更加刺激。送往参观一座清迈蓝庙位于清迈市中心西北方向约50公里,源于1894年的班顿寺庙,建筑风格集成兰纳与缅甸风格,比清莱的黑白庙更早对公众开放,但目前还鲜为人知,浏览完需要至少1.5小时,且仍在扩建中。清迈蓝庙此前只不过是一座默默无闻的小庙,直到1991年,泰北的得道高僧古巴昭腾路过此地并落脚该寺庙。古巴昭腾是一位万人敬仰的高僧, 他的信徒遍布泰北各地,就连山里的少数民族泰雅族以及长颈族等都对他敬仰有加。古巴昭腾来到寺庙后,当地信众纷纷前来膜拜,并捐献财物。随着捐献的财物越来越多,古巴昭腾决定把这些钱用来建设寺庙。接下来参观猴子表演,该处的猴子表演会确实给您带来深刻的印象。然后,观看惊心动魄的人蛇表演,然后继续到兰花&蝴蝶园,泰国兰花栽培基地和批发中心。这里兰花品种繁多,色彩缤纷绚丽,种植园内还有大型的蝴蝶培育基地。可以在此欣赏各式各样的四季兰花和兰花品种让您耳目一新. 之后到长颈族布落观看村里保留民族传统的服饰及生活习惯.

05天 清迈(早)


Fun In Chiangmai & Chiangrai, With Long Neck Village, 3D Museum, The Hidden Village And Free 1 Cup Hot Coffee For Everyone.

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