2Day 1Night Malacca + Kuala Lumpur + Sekinchan

2天1晚 马六甲 + 吉隆坡 + 适耕庄

2Day 1Night Malacca + Kuala Lumpur + Sekinchan | 2天1晚 马六甲 + 吉隆坡 + 适耕庄

Itinerary (旅游行程)    

DAY 1 Johor Bahru- Malacca- Kuala Lumpur
Welcome to join with Top One Travel for 2D1N Malacca / Kuala Lumpur / Sekinchan tour. Assembly and depart to Kuala Lumpur. Along the way, visit the most famous ancient port city in the history of Malacca. After arriving in Malacca, we first arrived at the World Cultural Heritage [A Famosa] in 1511. After the Portuguese occupied Malacca, in order to prevent the remnants of the remnants of the Malacca dynasty, we built this “the largest and strongest fortress in Southeast Asia” to protect ourselves. The subjects and spices trade. It is said that at the time of construction all the stones were taken from the meteorites on the seabed of Java and named after the Portuguese patron saint as the Fort of Famosa. The wall is 3 meters thick and has a tower and a fort in the wall. In 2003, the remaining walls and walls were discovered and listed as monuments for protection. Then go to [Jonker Street] not far away, the famous Chinatown in Malacca. The colour of the buildings in the street is very bold, just like moving the paintings to the street. On the street, there are shops, ancestral temples and temples left over from the ancestors of the past, which can be associated with the bustling scenes of the old streets. After that, continue to the Malaysian capital - Kuala Lumpur. Upon arrival, we visited the [Petronas Twin Towers], which stands in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s busiest heart and is a must-see landmark in Kuala Lumpur. [Chinatown], also known as Petaling Street, preserves a rich traditional style, especially at night, when vendors sell goods along the street, and people are even more revelling in the traditional shopping atmosphere. Malaysia’s famous night market, where visitors can buy jewellery and incense, as well as a variety of toys and T-shirts for you to choose from. However, the most attractive thing is to hang out on the street and feel the style, ambience and vitality. . A variety of delicacies are also served here, offering a feast of taste buds; some restaurants are passed down from generation to generation. Check in at the hotel to rest.

DAY 2 Kuala Lumpur- Johor Bahru
After breakfast at 0800am in the morning, gather to go to the land of fish and rice Sekinchan. Sekinchan is one of the largest rice producing areas in Malaysia. It has not only pleasant rice fields but also fishing villages with fresh seafood. Upon arrival, visit [Fishing Village] where you can feel the rich and pure atmosphere of Sekinchan. The old Kampong is mixed with the taste of sea water. You can temporarily forget the troubles and forget the lunch. You can enjoy the shark meal at your own expense. Shark porridge, shark soup, fried shark meat. After lunch, head to [A Village], which consists of 4 small villages, namely A, B, C village and fishing village (Haikou). High yield rice and mechanized farming methods are well known here. The rice fields in Sekinchan have different visual perceptions at different times. March and September are rice transplanting periods, and the rice fields are green. June and December are harvest seasons, and the rice fields look like a golden ocean. And it is also a famous place. After that, we continued to visit [Nine Emperor Temple]. Although it is not a magnificent temple, it is located in the middle of a beautiful rice field. It is surrounded by rice fields. It has different fields and different fields. View of the golden rice fields. Then go to [Local Specialty Centre] to buy local snacks and souvenirs to share with family and friends. Return to Johor Bahru City at 1600pm and go to Yongping City for dinner. After the dinner, we will continue to return to Johor Bahru and return to our warm home.
MEAL  : (B/-/D)

第1天 新山 - 马六甲 - 吉隆坡
欢迎您与第一旅游畅游马六甲 + 适耕庄。早上0700am集合于指定地点,乘坐豪华旅游巴士出发前往吉隆坡。沿途游览史上最著名的海港古城- 马六甲市。抵达马六甲后,我们先抵达世界文化遗产【古城门】1511年,葡萄牙人占领马六甲以后,为了防止马六甲王朝的残余势力反攻,而建成这座号称“东南亚最大和最坚固的堡垒”,以保护自己的臣民和香料贸易。据说在建造之时所有的石块都采自爪哇海底的陨石,并以葡萄牙保护神的名字命名为法摩沙堡。城墙厚达3米,墙内设有城楼和炮台。2003年,剩余的城墙墙基被发现,也列为古迹进行保护。之后前往不远处的【文化街】,马六甲著名的唐人街。街内的建筑用色十分大胆,就像把油画搬到了街上。街上有着当年祖先遗留下来的店铺、宗祠、庙宇,由此可联想到昔日街市的繁华景象。之后,续程前往马来西亚首都- 吉隆坡。抵达后我们参观【双峰塔】也称为国油双峰塔,耸立在吉隆坡最繁华的心脏地带,是游客必访的吉隆坡着名地标。【唐人街】又称茨厂街,保存了浓郁的传统风情,尤其是在夜间,商贩们沿街兜售货物,更让人不禁陶醉在传统的购物氛围中。马拉西亚有名的夜市,游客可于此购买珠宝与熏香,还有各种玩具与 T 恤供您选择,然而最吸引人之处莫过于在街上闲逛,感受这里的风情、喧嚣和活力。 这里还供应各种美味佳肴,为您奉上味蕾盛宴;部分餐馆更是代代相传。之后我们前往酒店休息。

第2天 怡保 - 金马伦高原
早上0800am 早餐后,集合前往鱼米之乡- 适耕庄。适耕庄是我马来西亚最大的稻米产区之一,不仅有怡人的稻田风光还有出产新鲜海产的渔口村。抵达后,参观【渔村】在这里可以感受到适耕庄浓浓纯朴气息,老旧的甘榜混合着海水的味道,可以暂时把烦恼遗忘。午餐将可自费享用鲨鱼大餐;鲨鱼粥、鲨鱼汤、炒鲨鱼肉。午餐之后前往【A村】,适耕庄是由4个小村庄,即A、B、C村和渔村(海口)组成。这里高产量的水稻和机械化的耕作方法都是众所周知的。适耕庄的稻田在不同的时间有不同的视野感觉,三月份和九月份是水稻移栽期,稻田呈现一片绿色。六月和十二月是收获季节,稻田看起来就像是一片金黄色的海洋。而且这里也是著名地点。之后我们继续参观【九皇爷庙】尽管不属于富丽堂皇的庙宇,但该圣宫位于美丽的稻田中央,被稻田围绕,随着中稻时刻不同,有不同的田野风光,放眼望去尽是绿油油或金黄色稻田的景色。之后前往【当地特产中心】购买当地零食以及纪念品和家人朋友分享。1600pm 开始返回新山市,途中前往永平市享用晚餐。结束晚餐后我们继续返回新山市,返回温馨的家园。
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