3Day 1Night Pangkor Island + Ipoh

3天1晚 邦咯岛 + 怡保

3Day 1Night Pangkor Island + Ipoh | 3天1晚 邦咯岛 + 怡保

Itinerary (旅游行程)    

DAY 1 Johor Bahru - Pangkor Island
Welcome to the Top One Travel of Pangkor Island + Ipoh Tour. At 2100 in the evening, take a bus at the designated location. Travel to one of the most beautiful islands recognized in the world - Pangkor Island. Pangkor Island is one of the few beautiful beaches on the west coast of Malaysia. The invincible seascape is like a paradise. Because it is located in the Straits of Malacca, many merchants, tourists and fishermen enter and exit trade here. Over time, they Form a unique fishing village.Over Night in the Bus.

DAY 2 Pangkor Island – Ipoh
About 0700 am in the morning, arriving in the nearest town to Pangkor Island is also the only way to go Pangkor Island. Lumut Jetty. After breakfast, take a boat to Pangkor Island. Visitors can enjoy the scenery on the boat (board for about 1 hour). Start our tour of Pangkor Island upon arrival, first come to [Fu Lin Kong Temple]. Originally, it was just an old and simple temple. There were many good men and women from all over the world who came to ask for questions. Later, everyone generously contributed money to expand the Fulin Palace. After more than ten years, this small Temple gradually expanded into a beautiful day. Net and antique temple. Fu Lin Kong Temple biggest feature is the model based on the Great Wall of China. [Mini Great Wall of China]. This creative mini wall has become one of the focal points of the Fulin Palace, often appearing in many newspapers. After that we went to the local specialty [Fish Satay Shop]. Pangkor Island field is rich in fish, and various seafood such as dried fish (commonly known as Dry anchovies), sand squid and squid are famous overseas. We will continue to visit next [Ancient city]. Then return to the Lumut Jetty, take a 30-minute drive to get the name of a good mountain. Perak- Ipoh. On the way to Ipoh stop over at Sitiawan. Visit Da Po Gong Temple. Arrive after arriving in [Ipoh Shopping Mall] shopping time. After dinner free and easy.
MEAL  : (Dinner)

DAY 3 Ipoh – Johor Bahru
After breakfast, visit one of the three famous Buddha caves in Ipoh, a famous resort in Ipoh. [Sam Poh Tong]. Sam Poh Tong is a temple built in a limestone cave, there are many Buddha statues in it. Natural stalactites and stalagmites can also be seen, which are very distinctive. After passing through the long cave tunnel, you can walk to the back garden and the environment is beautiful. [Perak Cave Temple] is a limestone cave, there are 40 Buddha statues inside. Including the highest Buddha statues in Malaysia, and a large number of large murals on the wall of the cave. There is a dark and slippery staircase leading to the top of the mountain. When people pick up the stairs, they can get out of the cave and climb to the top of the mountain to see the scenery of the suburbs of Ipoh.。The most popular must-see destination in Ipoh [Concubine Lane]. The second milk alley is an old street that has re-emerged in recent years. There are more than 20 old houses in this nostalgic alley very attractive. After being silenced for many years, the reincarnation of the second milk lane was turned into a cultural street. Not only Penang has a mural street, Ipoh also has its own [Mural Street]. Since Lithuania painter Ernest Zacharevic. Then we took a bus back to the warm home of Johor Bahru
MEAL  : (Breakfast)

第1天 新山- 邦咯岛
欢迎您与第一旅游畅游邦咯岛 + 怡保游。晚上0900集合于指定地点乘搭豪华旅游巴士,前往世界公认的最美丽的岛屿之一邦咯岛。邦咯岛是早期马来西亚西岸少数美丽的海滩,无敌海景宛如世外桃源。因为坐落于马六甲海峡,许多商人,游客和渔人在此进出贸易,久而久之形成独树一格的渔村。今晚夜宿于豪华旅游巴士。

第2天 邦咯岛- 怡保
清晨大约0700 am, 抵达离邦咯岛最近的城镇,也是去邦咯岛的必经之路- 红土坎码头。早餐后,乘船前往邦咯岛。游客 可以在船板上欣赏海上风光,船程约1小时。抵达之后开始我们邦咯岛的游览,首先我们先来到据说十分灵验的【福灵宫庙】。原本只是老旧简单的庙宇,就有许多来自世界各地善男信女前来问事求签,后来大家纷纷慷 慨解囊出钱出力扩建福临宫,经过逾十年, 这小小的庙宇渐渐扩大成今日焕然一新且古色古香的庙宇。福临宫最大的特色,要数以中国长城为蓝本而仿照的【迷你万里长城】。这挺有创意的迷你长城,变成了福临宫的焦点之一,经常都出现在许多报纸上。之后我们前往当地特产【沙爹鱼店】。邦喀岛海域鱼产丰富,各种海产如小鱼干(俗称 江鱼仔),沙爹鱼和鱿鱼制成品都盛名海外。我们接下来继续参观【古城】等等。之后乘船回返红土坎码头,换豪华马上乘搭大约30分钟的车程前往拥有好山好水之称的霹雳- 怡保。途经实兆远,游览著名【大伯公庙】抵达怡保之后前往【怡保购物商场】让你畅快购物。晚餐之后自由活动。
餐食 : (晚餐)

第3天 怡保- 新山
早餐后,游览怡保知名胜地怡保三大佛洞之一【三宝洞】。三宝洞是一座建于石灰岩洞内的寺庙,里面供奉着多个佛像,游客来此可闻禅钟梵音,还可观赏天然钟乳石和石笋,非常有特色。穿过长长的山洞隧道后,可走到后面的庭园,环境颇优美。【霹雳洞】是石灰岩洞,内方有40座佛像,包括大马最高的同类佛像,以及多幅于洞壁上的大型壁画。洞内有条阴暗湿滑的楼梯通往山顶,人们拾级而上,就可出此洞,登上山顶可在上面一览怡保郊区的风光。怡保人气最旺的必游景点【二奶巷】。二奶巷是近年来重新崛起的一条老街,这条充满怀旧风情的巷子内有着二十多间老房子,颇具吸引力。沉寂了多年,重生后的二奶巷被打造成一条文化街,这里除了有手工艺品店、民宿、土产店等等,还有不少小吃店。不只槟城有壁画街,怡保也有属于自己的【壁画街】。自从立陶宛籍画家尔纳斯(Ernest Zacharevic)在槟城的壁画迅速蹿红起来后,许多游客都到槟城一睹其风采。而这位名画家也辗转到了怡保来作画。他那具有当地特色的画作也很快吸引许多游客前去观看和照相。接着我们乘坐豪华旅游巴士回返新山温馨的家园。王,同时也象征了风凋雨顺。之后远眺茶园和天然瀑布。之后返回新山,温暖家园。期待下次与您再次相见。
餐食 : (早餐)

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