6Day 5Night Malaysia East-West Coast

6天5晚 东西海岸之旅

6Day 5Night Malaysia East-West Coast | 6天5晚 东西海岸之旅

Itinerary (旅游行程)    

DAY 1 Johor Bahru – Kuantan
After gathering at the meeting place, proceed to Kuantan. Upon arrival, visit the Taishang Laojun Temple. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kuantan along the way. You can also be purchased local specialty handicrafts. Check in to the hotel after dinner.
MEAL  : (D)

DAY 2 Kuantan – Terengganu – Kelantan
After breakfast, proceed to Lake Kenyir. Lake Kenyir is the largest artificial lake in Malaysia and the largest artificial lake in Southeast Asia, located in Terengganu. It is about 55 kilometers away from the Kuala Terengganu Building, the capital of Terengganu. It covers the area of 260 square kilometers and has a water storage capacity of 23.6 million cubic meters. There are 340 small islands in Lake Keny. Adjacent to Pahang State Park, it covers an area of 36,900 hectares and covers an area of 52,000 football fields. It has a water storage capacity of 23.6 million cubic meters, which is one and a half times larger than Singapore. It is the largest artificial freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. After that, proceed to Kelantan. First, visit the Reclining Buddha, formerly known as the “Bodhi Tree Buddha Temple”, named after the linden tree in the temple. The Bodhi tree is said to have originated in Sri Lanka and was planted by a modern abbot for more than 100 years. . Currently, it is the oldest and largest wisdom tree in Kelantan. They built a reclining Buddha statue and named it “Wat Buddha Temple.” It is the largest reclining Buddha in Southeast Asia and ranks second in the world. The name of Wat Mai Suwankhiri is from a dragon-shaped ship in the temple. It is 100 feet long and about 1 foot high. It is located in Tumpat, Kelantan. In addition to the typical temples that are like the Siamese temples, the temples have a high-rise faucet at the two ends of the temple. There are several stone-framed Thai royal parasols next to them. Then free and easy in Chinatown.
MEAL  : (B/D)

DAY 3 Kota Bharu - Kedah
After breakfast, visit the Rice Museum. During the exhibition, everyone can comfortably visit and learn about the production process of local rice. The exhibition hall uses some pictures and simple texts to show the knowledge about rice, so that everyone can understand that the rice in the bowl is not easy to come by. Then visit the Kedah Garden and go shopping at the market.
MEAL  : (B/D)

DAY 4 Kedah – Penang
After breakfast, depart from Kedah to Penang. First stop to Penang landmark buildings, Kek Lok Si. The full name of the temple is Heshan Kek Lok Si Temple, is a Buddhist temple located in Penang, Malaysia. It is the largest and most magnificent Chinese Buddhist temple in the country to Southeast Asia. The name of the temple is taken from the “Western Bliss World”, and its completion marks the development of the Han Dynasty Buddhism in the South Sea, and is the cultural link between Han and overseas Chinese. During the Spring Festival night, Kek Lok Si Festival will host an annual Chinese New Year Lantern Festival, attracting many local and overseas Buddhists to pilgrimage. The mountain site of the Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang is named after the crane. It was named after Heshan after the temple was built. The colorful buildings of the temple are row upon row and are mostly made of granite. The main landmark is the seven-storey building and the pagoda is the world’s tallest octagonal pavilion Guanyin Pavilion. After that visit to the Penang Hill. The cool climate of the Penang Hill is a famous tourist destination in Penang. Tourists want to go to the hilltop can choose to take the cable train or hiking. There are many colonial holiday villas, and the mountaineering overlooks the Penang Strait and the Province of Penang. There is a beautiful highland garden on the top of the mountain, which is mainly planted with tropical plants and flowers. It is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy. Azimuth seaside.
MEAL  : (B/L)

DAY 5 Penang – Taiping – Ipoh
After breakfast, visit the Siam Temple. Wat Buppharam Thai Buddhist Temple is also known as the’ Baodu Temple’. About 50 years ago, a monk brought a statue from an ancient temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand to the Siam Temple in Penang, which is said to come from northeastern Thailand. The Buddha statue has more than a thousand years of history and is highly respected by local Buddhists. In addition, the Thai temple gave a good amulet to the good faith. Then head to Taiping Lake. If you can’t enjoy the natural beauty of the Taiping Lake Garden, you won’t count on Taiping Lake. The garden was built on an abandoned tin mine and opened to the public in 1880. The Taiping Lake Garden was the first public garden in Malaya at the time and has been recorded in history. Then head to the museum. After that visit the Perak Cave The cave is built with the mountain and is a limestone cave with a length of about 122 meters. In front of the cave, there is a pavilion of the ‘Chong Lou Jun Ge’. Inside a Dragon Head tower stands in the center, surrounded by ancient trees. The stone path in the cave circulates, connecting ten caves of big and small.
MEAL  : (B/D)

DAY 6 Ipoh – Johor Bahru
After breakfast, proceed to the ‘Mistress Lane’. This Lane is located in the old street of Ipoh, and it is said that it is the gentle township of the rich merchants in the same year. It is said that the local big miner gave the second wife (Guangdong dialect-”Mistress”). The whole list of shops for rent collection. There are more than 20 unit two-storey old houses in the lane, all of which have a history of 100 years. The two rows of ancient buildings retain the old appearance of the British colonial era a hundred years ago, the faded wooden window, the broken exterior wall, full of Nanyang sentiment, many movies have been here. The famous Mistress Lane is the rich and varied cuisine here. At night, the alley is full of cooked food stalls, just like a small night market, such as tofu, traditional ice, fancy marshmallow, red bean ice, board and other snacks, everything you need to satisfy your tongue. There is also have handmade markets, bars and cafes, and is a must-see for young artists. Continue to visit mural and local shops. Last, return to the warm home after dinner.
MEAL  : (B/L/D)

第1天 新山 - 关丹
餐食 : (-/-/晚)

第2天 第二天 关丹 - 登嘉楼 - 吉兰丹
早餐后,前往肯尼湖。肯尼湖是马来西亚最大的人工湖,也是东南亚最大的人工湖,位于登嘉楼。距离登嘉楼首府瓜拉登嘉楼约55公里,面积260平方公里,蓄水量2360万立方米。肯尼湖有340个小岛。毗邻彭亨州立公园,占地面积36,900公顷,面积52,000个足球场,蓄水量2360万立方米,比新加坡大一倍半。它是东南亚最大的人工淡水湖。之后,参观卧佛寺,原名“菩提树佛寺”,以寺庙中的菩提树命名。据说菩提树起源于斯里兰卡,并在100多年前由现代住持的住持种植 。目前,它是Dan州最古老,最大的智慧树。后来,并将其命名为“卧佛寺”。它是东南亚最大的卧佛,在世界上排名第二。龙船寺Wat Mai Suwankhiri名字的由来源自寺庙中一艘龙形的船,长100尺、高约1尺,座落于丹州道北县(Tumpat)。庙宇的建筑格式除了是仿暹罗庙尖而上翘的典型庙堂外,庙外两端还各有一个高高翘起的龙头,旁边张着几把石构泰国皇室阳伞。然后在唐人街自由活动。
餐食 : (早/-/晚)

第3天 哥打巴鲁 - 吉打 (
餐食 : (早/-/晚)

第4天 吉打 - 槟城
餐食 : (早/午/晚)

第5天 槟城 - 太平 - 怡保
早餐后前往暹庙参观。不巴南暹庙堂(Wat Buppharam Thai Buddhist Temple)也称抱佛寺,大约50年前,一名高僧从泰国清迈一间古寺将佛像携来槟城不巴南暹庙堂,据说这尊来自泰国东北部抱佛神像有超过千年的历史,备受当地佛教徒的敬仰。此外泰国庙给善信护身符也是少有所闻的,然而,不巴南暹庙堂却突破传统,不仅提供善信护身符,该护身符也很灵验。之后前往太平湖。如果未能尽情领略太平湖花园的自然美,便不算到过太平湖。 花园建造在一座废弃的锡矿上,于 1880年对公众开放,太平湖花园作为当时的马来亚首座公共花园,已被载入史册。 之后前往博物馆。再来参观霹雳洞。洞依山而建,是一个长122米左右的石灰岩溶洞。洞前建有崇楼峻阁,一座巍峨的龙头楼耸立于中央,四周中古木参天。洞中石径回旋,连接着大大小小十来个洞窟。
餐食 : (早/-/晚)

第6天 怡保 – 新山
餐食 : (早/午/晚)

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