3Day 1Night Ipoh + Cameron Highland

3天1晚 怡保 + 金马伦高原

3Day 1Night Ipoh + Cameron Highland | 3天1晚 怡保 + 金马伦高原

Itinerary (旅游行程)    

DAY 1 Johor Bahru - Ipoh
Welcome to join with Top One Travel for 3D2N Cameron Highland Tour. Assembly and depart to Ipoh city. Overnight in coach.

DAY 2 Ipoh - Cameron Highland
After breakfast, visit Ipoh Perak Cave. The cave is built with the mountain and is a limestone cave with a length of about 122 meters. In front of the cave, there is a pavilion of the ‘Chong Lou Jun Ge’. Inside a Dragon Head tower stands in the center, surrounded by ancient trees. The stone path in the cave circulates, connecting ten caves of big and small. You also can purchase Ipoh local product such as: white coffee, chicken biscuit, grapefruit, guava, wife cake. Afterwards go to Pahang -Cameron Highlands, is a place which is very famous to away the summer. Visit the rose garden, cactus garden, strawberry garden, lavender garden and vegetable market. After that return to the hotel for rest. Free after dinner.
MEAL  : (-/-/D)

DAY 3 Cameron Highland - Johor Bahru
After breakfast, visit to Sambo Temple. In Cameron Highlands not only to the gardens, tea gardens and vegetable gardens, must not miss the majestic Sanbao Wanfo Temple, which has become the main tourist attraction of Cameron, with a constant stream of tourists. Sanbao Wanfo Temple is located at an altitude of more than 5,000 feet. The climate is cool and beautiful. According to the pattern of Chinese Buddhist jungle, the entrance to the mountain gate is the Heavenly King Hall. The middle is dedicated to the Maitreya Bodhisattva and the expansion of the Fahai Bodhisattva. . The statues of the four kings are tall and magnificent, and only the Kek Lok Temple in the country is comparable. The hand-held king of the East, the growing king of the sword in the south, the wide-eyed king of the West, and the king of the north with the umbrella, also symbolizes the wind and rain. After that overlooking the tea garden and natural waterfalls. After that return back to Johor Bahru. Hope to see you in next trip!
MEAL  : (B/-/-)

第1天 新山 - 怡保

第2天 怡保 - 金马伦高原
清晨抵达后参观怡保霹雳洞。洞依山而建,是一个长122米左右的石灰岩溶洞。洞前建有崇楼峻阁,一座巍峨的龙头楼耸立于中央,四周中古木参天。洞中石径回 旋,连接着大大小小十来个洞窟。在怡保你可以购买到怡保名产:白咖啡、鸡仔饼、柚子、番石榴,老婆饼等。之后前往位于马来西亚彭亨州西北部,属于以其命 名的金马仑高原县,马来西亚著名避暑胜地。抵达后参观玫瑰花园、仙人掌园、草莓园,薰衣草花园和菜市场。之后返回酒店休息。晚餐后自由活动。
餐食 : (-/-/晚)

第3天 金马伦高原 - 新山
早餐后,前往参观三宝庙。来到避暑胜地金马仑高原的游客们,除了花园、茶园及菜园,不可错过气势雄伟的三宝万佛寺,它已成为金马仑的主要旅游景点,每逢假 期游客络绎不绝。三宝万佛寺座落于海拔五千多尺,气候凉爽风景优美,依据中国佛教丛林的格局设计,一进山门即是天王殿,中间供奉弥勒菩萨及扩法韦驮菩 萨,左右两旁 供奉四大王天。四大天王的塑像高大宏伟,在国内只有极乐寺足以媲美。手拿琵琶的东方持国天王、南方持剑的增长天王、西方缠著一条龙的广目 天王、北方手拿伞 的多闻天王,同时也象征了风凋雨顺。之后远眺茶园和天然瀑布。之后返回新山,温暖家园。期待下次与您再次相见。
餐食 : (早/-/-)

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